1. What is ZamLoop (ZL)?

ZL is one of the biggest and fastest growing free online classifieds in Zambia. It provides a platform where you may advertise your events, items for sale, and other ads falling within the eight (8) categories within ZL for free.


2. Who may advertise on ZL?

Anyone may advertise on ZL as long as they have an email address and internet connection to register through the ZL website.


3. What can or cannot be advertised on ZL?

ZL allows everyone to advertise their social events, services, sales, real estate and others on the website as long as it is not again the Laws of the Government of Zambia. Additionally, you are not allowed to advertise the sale of any kind of animals (i.e. dog, cat, etc.) or animal products on our website. However, you may advertise your domestic animal if you are giving it to another family for free (due to your departure from the country or another reason).


4. Is ZL free?

While anyone may advertise on ZL for free, all members have the option of paid ads for a minimal fee (i.e. Featured Ads, Premium Ads, ZL Boost, ZL Daily). Refer to "Payment Options and Fees" for more details.


5. If opting for a paid advertising option, how much does it cost to advertising on ZL?

ZL offers several options depending on the type of ad and duration of the ad. Refer to "Payment Options and Fees" for more details.


6. Do I need to register to post an ad?

Yes, all those interested in posting an ad on the ZL website need to register through the website.


7. Do I need to be a member to contact the advertiser?

No, anyone may contact the advertisers. However, you need to register for a ZL account if you want to advertise on the website.


8. How do I contact the advertiser?

Anyone may contact the advertisers by going onto the advert page on the ZL website and clicking “Contact This Advertiser”. A dropbox will open to send an email from our website.


9. How do I post an ad?

You may post an ad by registering for an account and clicking on the “+Post Advert” link on top of the website and following the instructions.


10. What is the required image size?

You may upload up to 3 images with each being no more than 500kb (0.5MB).


11. How do I pay for an ad (Premium, Featured, ZL Boost, and ZL Daily)?

Payments for paid ads can be done either in person, through a bank transfer, or physically depositing it into the company bank account.


12. How may I reset my password?

After you've logged in you may change your password by clicking the "Profile" icon at the top right of the page.


13. How may I change my email address?

After you've logged in you may change your email address by clicking the "Profile" icon at the top right of the page.


14. Can I upload a picture from my phone?

Yes, anyone may upload an image either from their phone, tablet, or laptop. If you have a smartphone, you may either pick the image from your album or take a picture when uploading.


15. How long does a free posting appear on ZL?

Currently, all free ads are posted for 30 days after which you will receive an email reminding you that your ad will expire in 3 days. If you do not renew your ad following the instructions, your ad will be deleted.


16. How do I choose which category to advertise under?

Picking a category is very important as it'll be viewed by the right audience. The good news is that it is quite straightforward. There are only 2 categories where you might be a tad bit confused:

  • Requests – under this category you upload a post when you are looking for something (e.g. travel buddy, apartment, office space, bicycle, etc.)
  • Services – all those advertising services such a mechanic, electrician, vehicle hire, catering should upload their post here.


17. May I advertise the same ad in all the categories?

No. Those members who upload their post in several categories will be removed by the administrator.


18. How often may I upload the same ad?

You may upload the same ad once the previous ad is deleted. Alternatively, you avoid uploading the same ad you may renew the ad on the website.


19. How do I find an item on ZL?

ZL has a search engine on the main page, which will search through all the categories using your submitted word.


20. Do I need to include my mobile phone number?

While your email address is mandatory (for those interested to message you through the ZL website), including your personal phone number on a public platform as at your discretion.


21. How can those interested in my posting contact me?

Anyone may contact you through the ZL website by clicking “Contact This Advertiser” on the ad page.